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Hey guys welcome back to LITTLEQM.In my last post I get good response from you.So,today I am sharing 7 questions of Film and Music Quiz.
Without wasting your time let's take a look of the questions & please try to give answer in comment box instead of message.

1. In 2009 Remya Jose from Kerala, Mohammad Idris from UP and Painter Jahangir from Maharashtra were awarded for their contribution of a popular movie.What is the name of the movie? What was their contribution?

2. This Bengali novel was written in 1971.In 1974 a movie was framed following this novel.The film was also released in US. The main character of the novel is too much popular for all kinds of people.The director got "Best Director" award for the movie.In 1975 it became the "Best Feature Film for Children and Young Adults" in Tehran.What is the name of the film?

3. X was born on 1963.He is an American actor,producer an musician.In his age of 15 his parents divorced.He was arrested in Vancouver in 1989 for assaulting a security guard.But he was born to get success.So,he has been listed in the 2012 Guinness World Records as the world's highest-paid actor.He also nominated for 10 Golden Globe Award. Tell me who is X ?

4. X is an Indian film score composer, music director,singer and lyricist.In 2009 he was noticed for his critically acclaimed work in the Hindi film Which give him National Film Awards for Best Music Direction.X also won 2015 Filmfare Award for Background Score.Who is X here?

5. What is the first Bengali film based Detective Story?

6. X a Canadian actress roled Miss Moneypenny in 14 films of James Bond series.Who is X?

7. X is an Indian actor.His father is one of the greatest Bollywood actor of all time.
X made his acting debut with Rakesh Omprakash Mehra's movie Mirzya.Recently he announced that he is going to make a biopic of a famous Indian sportsman.Who is X?Whose biopic will he act?

That's all for today guys.Actually, it's an older set from my previous blog. Many of you have already faced it. Keep honesty googling can't be way to get fame.

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  1. Q1 the film is 3 idiots

    The machines in this film are made by them

    They are real Life inspiration of the story

    Q2 Sonar Kella

    Q3 Johny Depp

    Q4 Amit Trivedi

    Q5 চিড়িয়াখানা

    Q6 Lois Maxwell

    Q7 actor is Harshavardhan Kapoor
    Sportsman Is Abhinav Bindra