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Hii guys, how are you? I hope you all are doing well in this pandemic situation. In my last few posts I get huge response fron you which inspire me too much. Today I am back with INDIA QUIZ. The questions are little bit lengthy but there are enough clue inside. So let's take a look at the set.


1. In 2017, this figure from Ranchi was made the CEO of Gulf Oil India for a day. As a CEO of the company for the day, he attended all the special meetings of the company. He also took a few decisions, just like a real CEO. It was something that was kept under the wraps by the company, so it was a surprise for the employees when he walked in as their new CEO.
Who is this figure who was made the brand ambassador of Gulf Oil in 2011?

2. Mysore Paints & Barnish LTD is a company located in Mysore. Establish by Maharaja Nalvadi Wadeyar, it is unique for being only factory in the country authorized for producing something. From this flagship product this company earned about 450 crore$.In 2004 this company earned 17 lakhs by selling this product in India. The formula of this product is so secrete that a few workers know it. Generally people imagine, AgNO3 is the main content of this product with some Alcohol. Just identify the product.

3. Although he did not have the traditional educational qualifications, he had a diploma in tailoring and used to make income by running a tailoring shop in Pune. In order to sing the song 'Bandemataram', he had to tolerate the whipping of "Nizam's Lethel Bahini".  Before his execution, he was kept in Ambala Jail,Maharashtra.
 The government had imposed a ban on his statement submitted to the court for 26 years. Who am I talking about?

4. The famous novelist left his government job and lived in a village by the inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi. He has written about various incidents of rural life. He is sometimes referred to the ''Gorky of India''. Simply identify the person who is one of the most celebrated writers of the Indian subcontinent.

5. Ida Scudder was an American medical missionary. The life of this woman, who works in the service of art, especially for women, was changed in a sudden event.  Three Muslim women died while giving birth to a child, saying they would not seek treatment from a male doctor. Then she decided to study medical and returned to Colonel Medical College, New York City.  From there she passed the medical examination and returned to India and started a historical chapter, which is still very much alive today. What did she start?

6. . This fictional city in South India is located on the banks of the Saryu River. The city is located on the border of Mysore and Chennai. Nearby the fictional Mempi Forest;  It is known that a British officer named Sir Fredrick Lawley built this city with a few villages in the 19th century. There is a resturent in Kolkata named this fictional city. Which famous city is being talked about here?

7. The 38-year-old Indian man holds the world record for 10,000 shots of 122 models in 10 hours and 45 minutes. Although he has completed his photography course in just two weeks but the Online Platform created by him has gained popularity of the largest collection of Indian images around the world. Tell me who am I talking about? He is better known to all Indians for a completely different reason.

8. “What do the forest bear?  Soil, water and pure air ”— This slogan belongs to an Environmental movement, let me inform you, the pioneer of this movement was Sundarlal Bahuguna. This is for saving the Alkananda Valley. What is the name of this movement which became extremely popular?

9. X, was a mosque in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh, India on Ramkot Hill. The mosque was constructed in 1527 on the orders of Y. Before the 1940s, the mosque was also called Masjid-i-Janmasthan, (meaning=mosque of the birthplace) "A whisper from the X Mihrab could be heard clearly at the other end, 200 feet away and through the length and breadth of the central court" according to Graham Pickford.ID X and Y. 


Id the person behind this Google Doodle.

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  1. 2.. ভোটের কালি
    6.. ফ্রেজার গঞ্জ
    8.. ডান্ডি অভিযান
    10.. গৌহার জান