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Hello friends, hope you people are all well. Actually there were some initial isuues for the late. I am back today with a mouth-watering LITERATURE QUIZ set. Like every set the questions are little bit tricky but I swear you will enjoy it after watching the answers. So, comment down your answer quickly.

1. X was probably the most responsive novel in 19th century.Many historians believe that this novel was the reason of American Civil War which was happened in 1860.When the novel was published as a book it was the best selling novel in 19th century.
 ● There is a rumor that, when American President Abraham Lincoln met first time with the author of this novel he said, "So this is the little woman who wrote the book that made this great war". Simply, identify the impactful novel.

Ans. Uncle Tom's Cabin

2. Adam Worth was a hardcore criminal during the end of 19th century. Scotland yard detective Robert Anderson used a specific phrase to describe Adam. 
 ● Sherlock Holmes also used this phrase equally with Professor James Moriarty. According to some researcher Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the character Moriarty in imitation of Adam Worth
  Just tell me what is the special term which was used in both cases.

Ans. The Napoleon of the criminal world.

3. X was a fictional crime-fighter from Bangalla ( A fictional country of Africa). He was This comic character debuted in newspapers on 1936. 
 ● Later it was depicted in many forms of media, including television shows, movies, and video games
  ● His real name is Kit Walker. References to "Mr. Walker" are in the comic strip often accompanied by a footnote saying for ''The Ghost Who Walks". What is the name of this phenomenal character?

Ans. The Phantom

4. X was a world famous writer who was born on 1835.  He was lauded as the "greatest humorist the United States has produced".
 ● But the mysterious thing is, in his birth year and death year the Halley's Comet was seen. We also can find his name in a song of Bhupen Hazarika. Who is this famous writer?

Ans. Mark Twain

5. X is a horror novel written by an Irish author. It is not a straight forward novel but structurally it is a correspondence in the form of multiple letters, diary entries, ship documents and etc. 
 ● The main character of the novel was inspired by historical accounts of the 15th-century Romanian prince Vlad Tepes. Vlad, who is regarded as a national hero in Romania, was a bloodthirsty prince with a penchant for impaling enemies
 Tell me the name of the Novel or the main character of the Novel.

Ans. Count Dracula

6. X is a very popular bengali poem which means The Hero in english. 
 ● The poem depicts a child fantasising that he saves his mother from dacoits. The imagination now turns from this event as the poet wonders why some exciting thing like this does not actually happen in the mundane course of everyday life
  ● The poet contemplates that it would be like an adventure story that would fascinate everybody. What is the name of this popular poem?

Ans.  Birpurush by Rabindranath Tagore

7. According to the story of the novel, this detective is an associate professor of Dhaka University
 ● He is between the ages of 40 and 50, At first glance, he may seem like a vagabond, his smile is very beautiful and his memory is very strong.  He is very interested in people's minds, behaviours, dreams and various mysterious events.  
 ● He is also a smoker who smokes 'Fifty Five' brand cigarettes. The detective follows pure logic to solve his cases. This argument helps him to discover the true nature of the mysterious world. Who is this detective and who his this creater?

Ans. Misir Ali created by Humayun Ahmed.

8. Feluda is an immortal creation in  literature. There are 35 stories and one unfinished Feluda story.  With the exception of a few, almost all the stories are based on Tapesh's statement and Feluda succeeds in each. 
 ● The number of stories that Tapesh did not write is not less — the mystery of Hijli murder, the murder of Rajgarh, the murder of Sukhatankar in Allahabad.(All these are translated from Bengali)
  Question for you What is the name of the only failed case of Feluda?

Ans. Investigation of the twin murders in Chandannagar( চন্দন নগরের জোড়া খুনের তদন্ত)

9. He traveled to Italy as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross in World War I. Shortly after returning from a mortar attack, he became "The War Hero". In 1954 he received the Nobel Prize in Literature, but could not attend the awards ceremony due to illness.  When he received the news of his father's suicide while writing 'A Farewell to Arms', he wrote in a letter, "I will probably leave like this too"  Who is this famous person in literature history?

Ans. Ernest Hemingway

10. X is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen, and inspired by The Beatles(Renowned English Rock band) song "Rocky Raccoon". The character first appeared in Marvel Preview magazine(Summer 1976).
  ● He is an intelligent raccoon, who is an expert marksman, weapon specialist and master tactician.
  Simply tell me the name of this character.

Ans. Rocket/Rocket Raccoon.

That's all for today. Hope you guys enjoyed the set. Don't forget to share this after enjoying the questions.

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  1. 1. Uncle Tom's Cabin
    3. Phantom
    4. Mark Twain
    5. Dracula
    6. বীরপুরুষ
    7. Misir Ali
    8. চন্দননগরের জোড়া খুন
    9. Ernest Hemingway
    10. Rocket Racoon